Kuchipudi Dance & Carnatic Music

Prafulla Velury - during a live Kuchipudi performance

Welcome to my website dedicated to Kuchipudi Dance & Carnatic Music.

I will attempt to provide technical details on Kuchipudi dance, including dance glossary, hand & foot gestures and videos of exercises. Also, expect to find audio (and hopefully download-able scripts) for beginner and advance Carnatic music classes. See the Links page for additional resources.

Except for class-related news & announcements (available only to registered students and posted on the Student Corner page), all other content on this website is available for everyone to enjoy and learn.

A chronological list of performances are available on the Performances page, and where available, pictures & videos will be made posted for each performance.

My style of Kuchipudi dance follows in the foot steps of the great Guru Late Sri Vempati Chinna Satyam. More details about me can be found here.

Please use the Contact page to get in touch with me. Your suggestions and experiences on this website are highly appreciated – please keep them coming.

Hope you have a nice time browsing. Check back often for updates.

Best Regards,
Prafulla Velury
Founder & Artistic Director
(Prafulla’s Academy of Dance And Music)